"Motor City Car Company 

Providing All Things Auto!!"


Welcome to AUTO LIQUIDATION, INC.  We Are the Motor City repair center that offers personalized service for all your services needs.  

You live the Metro Detroit Motor City life, from the busy interstate highways to the inner city streets, from east to west or north to south.  You’re always on the go and your car is what gets you there – to work and the mall, to the theatre or the ballgame.

As the Michigan roads take a tole on your vehicle, bring it to us to keep up with the necessary maintenance to keep it running longer and more efficiently for you.  Such a simple thing as an oil change can make the difference in gas mileage and engine longevity.  When you pay your hard earned money to buy your car, come to us and let us help you make your dollar last longer.

Welcome to True Auto Repair...

True Auto Repair isn't a shop name, a chain of stores or even a franchise. True Auto Repair embodies the standard of quality held by our  auto repair facility to maintain the latest in industry standards.  Our staff is hired based on reputation, integrity, qualifications and expertise. True Auto Repair members will not only take care of all your vehicle needs, but do it with professionalism and a level of customer satisfaction you can come to depend on throughout the life of your vehicle.  We don't look for problems, we fix the real problem and get you back on your way to your everyday life. 

AUTO LIQUIDATION, INC is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of Metro Detroit area drivers for all their maintenance requirements.  We may not be the biggest repair facility in Michigan, but we bring you big satisfaction on every service provided to you.

We always service a majority of makes and models and our service is like none other.   We’re the maintenance facility that wants to be your provider for the life of your vehicle and ongoing to your future purchases.

Visit our facility and you’ll receive the customer service you look for and we are known for.  Stop in for a maintenance inspection and quote today.

Or you can call us at (313) 523-0523 or click here to contact us for more contact information.